Floral Forward

As we approach Mother’s Day, what better way to celebrate than with flowers – that last? Collection Prints offers a number of beautiful floral prints – from bouquets to landscapes – we’ve got you covered!

Field of Flowers is beautiful over a console table. (@halfway_wholeistic)


If you’d like to gift a vase full of flowers, how about one of these options?

Fall Bouquet offers moody earth tones in a beautiful vase. For the mom who doesn’t want bright florals, this print will be a winner. (@halfway_wholeistic)


May Flowers is a wonderful pick for spring. Bright white flowers against a rich background are the perfect contrast. (@halfway_wholeistic)


A single bloom says it all. Peony is stunning year round. (@halfway_wholeistic)


Foraged Flowers looks like it was freshly picked from your garden – even if you can’t grow a thing.


Bouquet is a bold choice – and a good one!


Here are a few more options to consider!

1. Garden Roses   2. Hydrangea   3. Market Flowers


If a bouquet isn’t what you’re looking for, how about a field of flowers or just a few blooms? 

Poppies is a stunner and a fan favorite. If in doubt, this print is sure to please! (@halfway_wholeistic)


Field Flowers is from our latest launch and has quickly become a go-to! (@halfway_wholeistic)


Bloom is a romantic choice.


We want you to find the perfect piece for the mom in your life – so here are additional options! We hope you find something she’ll love!

1. Blooming Forest     2. Bright Blooms
3. Painted Flower     4. Wildflower I

1. Blossoming Tree     2. Flower Field

1. Dancing Flowers     2. Flower Meadow


Not sure what piece to pick? We offer digital gift cards that will be delivered in minutes! She can choose her favorite.

Do you have a Collection Prints floral print? We would love to see how you have displayed your art! Use hashtag #mycollectionprint on Instagram to be featured.