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  • Using Collection Prints on the Samsung FrameTV

    We receive a lot of questions about the framed art above Katie’s mantel. As you may know, that frame is actually the Samsung FrameTV. The beauty of the FrameTV is that you can easily and affordably switch out your art through the seasons or even based on your mood! Our digital prints are a great option to add beautiful art to your space.    

    In our last post, we focused on print pairs, but there are times when two prints just won’t cut it! Whether it be for a gallery wall, a shelf display or a photo ledge, there are definitely occasions for groups of prints. We know finding complementary prints can be daunting, so here are a few ideas that may inspire!

    One of our most frequently asked questions is which prints to pair or group. The beauty of Collection Prints is that pieces are intentionally chosen to coordinate with each other. Even our seasonal collections can mix and match with our standard prints to create a year-long look!
  • HOW TO STYLE: Prints Above the Bed

    We love seeing how you style your Collection Prints! It seems we can all agree that using prints above the bed is a great idea. There are so many ways to style prints above the bed – we love seeing how creative you all are! 
  • Guidelines for Pairing Art Prints

    Selecting the perfect art piece can be a challenging task! If you have a fear of putting holes in your wall like I do, I know it can be even more ...