How to Style Prints Above a Couch

We get a lot of questions about how to style prints over a couch. While there isn’t a one size fits all answer, we wanted to share some inspiration that may help you display art beautifully above your couch!


Back Bay

We’ve all seen Katie’s gorgeous living room and how she has displayed a large piece of art above her couch. A large piece centered above a couch is a popular way to showcase art and bring life to an otherwise blank wall. Back Bay is featured in this photo.




@alyssa.lynne.kirk placed Homestead above her couch and highlighted it with an art light.


Meadow I


Meadow I looks stunning above this couch as styled by @Simplystyled_interiors.


Hazy Lakefront

Hazy Lakefront is the perfect addition to Katie’s space. This is our natural frame in 40x30 with a mat.


Winter in the Woods


Winter in the Woods looks so inviting in @thecottageonthehill’s space.



We’ve seen some beautiful examples of art placement above sectionals.

Low Tide


@theshannoncrider placed Low Tide on a large wall above one arm of her sectional. Low Tide is stunning as always in this cozy space. The art is centered by the wall molding which frames the couch.


White Birch


If your couch sits in front of a window and you only have a small wall, you can still find ways to add a piece of art. @livingwithamanda took advantage of a small corner wall and added White Birch. If you don’t have room for a large print, a smaller print can still add quite a lot! As Amanda showed, a smaller print hung farther from the couch can balance the space well.




Meadow I and II


If you have an oversized couch, consider multiple prints! This large wall appears full and balanced with two large prints. Meadow I and Meadow II are a great addition, adding texture and color without overwhelming the space.


Dried Floral III and I


The Dried Floral series adds height behind @cozy.casita.blanca’s modern space. Dried Floral III and Dried Floral I are shown here.



Another option is to place a gallery wall or photo ledge behind a couch. This option allows for a number of smaller prints rather than one or two large prints.

Patchwork_Clay_Textured Watercolor_Dried Floral I_October Sky


Katie added a photo ledge to her sister’s living room. It turned out beautifully! This is a great option for those who like to switch out art seasonally.


Here a few general tips when placing art above your couch:

  • Consider a piece or group of pieces that measure approximately three-quarters the width of your couch.
  • Hang large pieces approximately 4-6 inches above your couch. Consider hanging smaller pieces higher.
  • If hanging multiple prints, hang them approximately 3-6 inches apart. Consider hanging smaller pieces a bit tighter together and larger pieces a bit farther apart.
  • Some of us are great at visualizing where to hang art – others of us need to see it before we make a bunch of holes in our walls! For the second group, a helpful trick is to trace paper to the size of your frame(s) and tape the paper on the wall where your art will go. This allows you to move the piece(s) around until you find the perfect placement – no holes necessary!
  • Our last tip: Break all of the above rules! Design is one place where you really can do what you think looks best. Because at the end of the day, when you're designing your own space, it needs to look beautiful to you!

Have you hung your Collection Print above your couch? We would love to see how you have displayed your art! Use hashtag #mycollectionprint on Instagram to be featured.