How to Design a Gallery Wall

We love a good gallery wall and we get a lot of questions about how to design the perfect gallery wall. Whether you prefer symmetrical designs with perfectly measured spacing or a bit more eclectic styling with varying frames and mat styles, there’s a gallery wall for you! We’ve had a lot of fun putting together gallery wall suggestions for you over the past few months and thought we’d share a few for inspiration. We’ll also provide some general tips that may help you design your own!


Collection Prints Gallery 1

Gallery 1

1. Wild Oak  /   2. Clay  /   3. Fall Foliage II  /  4. Fall Foliage I  /   5. Riverbank II  /  6. Wild Brush


A gallery wall is a great way to bring life to an otherwise blank space. We’ve seen gallery walls in dining rooms, hallways, and even surrounding tvs. Whether you’re looking for three prints or nine, a gallery wall may be just what you need!
All that said, designing a gallery wall can be rather intimidating. Here are a few tips that may help you when you’re putting together a gallery wall for your space:

Tape it up or lay it out! – We recommend cutting paper to the size of your desired frames and laying the cutouts on the floor, or better yet, taping them on the wall where you’ll place the gallery. If you’re taping it up, you can simply tape out the frame borders on the wall, but it’s easier to move things around if you’ve cut paper to the size of your frames. This way, you can move cutouts around and resize them as much as needed without nailing holes in your wall or realizing you ordered the wrong size.

Space frames approximately 2-3 inches apart. – While there are exceptions, generally frames look best if they are spaced about 2-3 inches apart. Be sure to factor in this spacing when making your measurements.

Start with your largest piece and design around it. – Find your largest piece (or two!) and place it first as it will create the focal point for the wall.

Select a midline at eye level.  – Try to keep the middle of your gallery at eye level. The general rule is 57 inches, but ‘eye level’ will definitely vary depending on the heights of people in your home – and it’s ok to design a space that makes sense to those who will see it most!

Use different frame tones. – If you’re designing a symmetrical or gridded gallery, you may want to stick with the same frame tone. But if you’re designing a gallery wall with offset frames, consider adding a frame or two in a different tone for added dimension.

Consider using frames with mats and frames without mats. – If you’re open to a more eclectic look, consider adding a frame or two without a mat amongst a grouping of frames with mats.

Consider throwing in a few vintage pieces or pieces that have personal meaning to you! – While we think a gallery full of Collection Prints is absolutely gorgeous, a gallery wall can also have gathered pieces that hold meaning to you. Whether it’s a piece from your grandma’s house, a framed postcard from your favorite vacation or even a photo of your family, pieces that mean a lot to you can add a bit of character and bring a smile to your face.


We pulled together some favorites out of the galleries we’ve put together for you over the last few months. We’d love to know which one you’re most drawn to!


Collection Prints Gallery 2

Gallery 2

1. Clay  /  2. Wild Oak  /  3. October Sky  /  4. Dried Floral I  /  5. Coastal Prairie



Collection Prints Gallery 3

Gallery 3

1. Seashore  /  2. Modern Desert II  /  3. Wildflower I  /  4. Foraged Flowers  /  5. Out to Sea



Collection Prints Gallery 4

Gallery 4

1. Dried Floral I  /  2. Fall Foliage II  /  3. Flower Field  /  4. Clay  /  5. Coastal Prairie



Collection Prints Gallery 5

Gallery 5

1. Low Tide  /  2. Wildflower II  /  3. Sunrise by the Sea II



Collection Prints Gallery 6

Gallery 6

1. Sunrise by the Sea I  /  2. Hazy Lakefront  /  3. Patchwork  /  4. Knot  /  5. Countryside



Collection Prints Gallery 7

Gallery 7

1. Morning Mist  /  2. La Jolla  /  3. Wild Herb I



Collection Prints Gallery 8

Gallery 8

1. Bloom  /  2. Tundra  /  3. Cliff I  /  4. Tangled Thread I  /  5. Brushstroke

Please note, galleries shown are meant for inspiration. Print crops may vary depending on size ordered. Frame arrangement may differ based on print sizes chosen.


Careful measuring is an important part in designing the perfect gallery! Collection Prints frame and image dimensions are shown in the following tables:

Framed Art (Paper Prints)

Collection Prints Framed Paper Prints

Framed Art (Canvas)

Collection Prints Mounted Canvas Sizing

Collection Prints Float Canvas Sizing

We hope this gives you the tools and the courage to move forward with a gallery wall in your home!

Are you looking for a gallery combination for your space? Like one of the galleries shown but aren’t sure what sizes to order? Send us an email at We’ll do our best to point you in the right direction!

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