HOW TO STYLE: Prints Above the Bed

We love seeing how you style your Collection Prints! It seems we can all agree that using prints above the bed is a great idea. There are so many ways to style prints above the bed – we love seeing how creative you all are!  


One style we’ve seen a lot of recently is the undersized vintage print. Sometimes scaling down is the perfect way to accent a beautiful print. @limilanhome used Vintage Vessels in the below photo. The print combined with the vintage looking pillow cover creates a subtle, yet beautiful contrast to the neutral bedding. We think Riverwalk and Country Barn would look stunning styled similarly.



Neutral bedding combined with a simple wood frame and a landscape print has proven to be a winner! Neutral bedding is our go to – relaxing and welcoming – but a framed print above the bed warms up the room just enough. Anyone else feeling a nap coming on?!


Katie @collectionprints used Countryside over this perfectly white room. The green tones in the print tie in perfectly with the bedside greenery. We may be biased, but we think it’s lovely.  

Sunrise by the Sea I @whereheartresides
@whereheartresides used Sunrise by the Sea I in this gorgeous space. The textured pillows and mix of wood tones warm up the space perfectly.


Mountain Landscape I @abbysbarratt

 @abbysbarratt used Mountain Landscape I in her guest bedroom makeover. Wouldn’t you love to be a guest at her house?!


Using your print to complement your décor accent colors is the perfect way to tie everything together without it matching too much. We love @studiodiydesign’s use of Desert Sand in this bedroom. The pillows pull the colors in the print delightfully.

 Desert Sand @studiodiydesign



Another style option is the matted frame. There’s something about white space that changes the entire look of a print – in the best way possible! Whether you choose a narrow mat or an oversized mat, adding white space allows the eye to see the print in entirely different ways!

Sunrise by the Sea I @thesnyderplace

@thesnyderplace used Sunrise by the Sea I above this gorgeous headboard. We love how the print complements the paint color.

Hazy Lakefront

Hazy Lakefront creates a relaxing scene in this bedroom update! (@collectionprints)


One of our favorite ways to style prints above the bed is a long landscape print. We love how the length balances perfectly with the headboard but still gives plenty of white space above the bed. See our Long Landscape Instagram story highlights for additional information on how to print long landscape prints from our digital files.


Cove’s intricate simplicity is highlighted in this long landscape. (@collectionprints)


Waves @1728cedarhedge

@1728cedarhedge used Waves in long landscape in this classic room.


How have you styled Collection Prints above the beds in your home? We would love to see what you’ve done! Use hashtag #mycollectionprint on Instagram to be featured.