One of our most frequently asked questions is which prints to pair or group. The beauty of Collection Prints is that pieces are intentionally chosen to coordinate with each other. Even our seasonal collections can mix and match with our standard prints to create a year-long look!

The upcoming blog series will feature pairs and groupings of prints that we think work together beautifully -  we hope you agree!


A number of our prints are designed to be styled as a pair. Certainly you can coordinate other prints with these pairs or use them as standalones, but our pairs are designed to go together, making your decision making process easier. How you design with the print pairs is up to you! We’ve seen them styled next to each other, one on top of the other or even styled with one larger than the other. There are endless options!

Cliff I and II  @collectionprints

 The photo above showcases Cliff I and Cliff II, part of our Winter Collection, as styled by Katie @collectionprints. This pair coordinates well with our Winter Collection, but can also be used year round!


 Sunrise by the Sea I and II


@studiodiydesign stacked Sunrise by the Sea I and Sunrise by the Sea II, some of our best sellers, beautifully on this feature wall.



Many of our prints coordinate, but our seasonal collections are especially designed to work well with each other, providing you with endless styling opportunities!

Reflection and Snowfall


Reflection and Snowfall on the Farm are both prints from our Winter Collection. If you’re looking for two prints but don’t want a matching set, this is a great combo! Katie @collectionprints used different sized frames and mats to add weight.


 Dried Floral_Clay


In the above photo, Katie @collectionprints used Dried Floral I and Clay from the Autumn Collection together. The colors in the prints tie together nicely, but different frames and the use of a mat with Clay provide additional contrast.



So many of our prints are not matching sets, but work so well together you’d think they were made to be paired with each other! 

Low Tide and Pasture


@linseywoods.home beautifully styled Low Tide and Pasture by overlapping them on her gorgeous console. The colors and overall feel of the prints blend together flawlessly.


 Sunrise by the Sea I and Waves II


@caitlinmariedesign paired Sunrise by the Sea I and Waves II in this beautiful stack! Caitlin steered away from the matching set by using Waves II rather than Sunrise by the Sea II. We think this pairing looks stunning!


 Sunrise by the Sea II and Low Tide


@everydaygracedesigns placed Sunrise by the Sea II and Low Tide in her bathroom update. The varying print sizes, frames and mats create gorgeous dimension without taking away from the beauty of the prints themselves.


Textured Watercolor and Tranquil River


@millcityworkshop paired Textured Watercolor and Tranquil River in this bathroom design. We think an abstract print paired with a landscape style print is a great combination!

If you’re looking for a few more pairing ideas, the following may be just the inspiration you need!

Textured Brushstroke and Beach Day

 Textured Brushstroke and Beach Day

First Snow and Clay

 First Snow and Clay


Pasture and Dried Floral II

 Pasture and Dried Floral I


Which Collection Prints do you love together? We know you have great design ideas! Use hashtag #mycollectionprint on Instagram to be featured.