HOW TO STYLE: Prints in the Kitchen

The kitchen may not be the first place you think of when placing art in your home. But doesn’t it make sense to bring something beautiful into a room you spend so much time in? While many kitchens don’t have large walls to grace with large prints, most have a small shelf or counter where a piece of art could be placed. Don’t you want lovely art visible while you’re stirring dinner or better yet, while doing dishes?


While you may not have a large wall to place art in your kitchen, there’s definitely room for a small print leaning against a wall. An 8x10 print is the perfect size to sit on a counter under upper kitchen cabinets.




Countryside looks absolutely stunning on @brookemoraleshome’s kitchen counter. A landscape print in a neutral kitchen is a beautiful way to bring in a touch of color.

We think Autumn Riverside or Country Barn would also be gorgeous.

Autumn Riverside_Country Barn


Have a bold kitchen? Putty or Reflection may be good neutral options.



Snowfall on the Farm


@ourkrooknook used Snowfall on the Farm on the counter. This is a subtle way to bring in seasonal décor – and we’re a fan!

 Blossom or Citrus II would be fun additions for spring!




Low Tide


Katie placed Low Tide on a stand on her kitchen counter. With the neutral frame and white mat, Low Tide is a subtle placement, but brings a sense of calm to the space.


Open shelving is practically begging for lovely art pieces. Lower shelves are the perfect spot for smaller pieces, while top shelves may be able to balance a larger print.

Mountain Landscape I


Mountain Landscape I looks just perfect in @sittingprettyhomedecor’s kitchen. These open shelves are the perfect place for a few art pieces mixed with beautiful décor pieces and practical kitchenware. 


Eucalyptus II


Katie placed Eucalyptus II on her open shelving. Our 5x7 prints are the perfect size for lower shelves!


Still Life


@ourhomeharmony used Still Life from the latest collection on these beautifully styled shelves.

Vibrant Oak or Seaside Grassland would also be great choices!

Vibrant Oak

Seaside Grassland

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