Using Collection Prints on the Samsung FrameTV

We receive a lot of questions about the framed art above Katie’s mantel. As you may know, that frame is actually the Samsung FrameTV. The beauty of the FrameTV is that you can easily and affordably switch out your art through the seasons or even based on your mood! Our digital prints are a great option to add beautiful art to your space.    


We loved seeing Collection Prints included in your beautiful holiday mantels! Our digital prints give you the ability to dress up the art on your mantel for the holidays at a fraction of the price of a large piece of art.


Snowfall on the Farm

We love how Snowfall on the Farm looks on @making_highview_home’s FrameTV. We wish we could open a good book and hang out next to that fire all day! Even if it’s not snowing outside, Snowfall on the Farm makes it feel like it is.


Winter in the Woods perfectly paired greenery with the green tones in Winter in the Woods. Even if you live in an urban area, putting some greenery up and our print showcasing the woods can make you feel like you’re miles from the hustle and bustle.




Frost provides the perfect contrast to @lifeoncedarlane’s beautifully neutral space. Festive, yet fresh and clean. That’s a combination we always approve of!


Winter in the Woods


Winter in the Woods ties this room by @ourpnw_home together perfectly. And look at that tree!!


Snowfall on the Farm


Katie always has a beautiful Christmas mantel and this year’s was even better with Snowfall on the Farm stealing the show.




@thaodophoto dressed up this FrameTV by adding a light above it. You’d never know it was a TV. Countryside looks gorgeous on this large wall.


Sunrise by the Sea II


We always love what @thebloomingnest designs, and this mantel is no exception. Sunrise by the Sea II looks stunning next to the natural wood textures.


Low Tide


Low Tide is a crowd favorite and we know why! It makes Katie’s space look so calm and peaceful. Just what we need after a crazy year!

We’d love to see how Collection Prints look on your FrameTV!  Use hashtag #mycollectionprint on Instagram to be featured.